light at the end of the tunnel…

for those of you unfamiliar with me, I’m Trilisa. I have a BFA in Graphic Design from SCAD, with a minor in Art History (the original SCAD in Savannah), which guided me into a background in marketing and advertising and onto what some would refer to as the healing arts, massage. in 2013, I made an incredibly drastic change in my world and committed to a doctor of chiropractic program in georgia at life university, leaving behind my beautiful boutique spa, massage bella vista, in philadelphia, that I opened with james hoisington. it was hard to leave to focus on school, however, it was a calling I could no longer ignore. this program has successfully demanded most waking and sleeping hours of my life 7 days/week for the past 5 years. it is often gratifying remembering the amazing people and experiences I’ve shared in the city of brotherly love…and is sometimes the only thing that keeps me going.

fast forward several years ahead in my educational journey…an unexpected MSPP, masters of science in positive psychology/life coaching, and lifetimes of knowledge and experiences and transitions, all in a short amount of time. we reconnect at the last part of my educational journey in georgia, in pursuit of my doctor of chiropractic. I have entered the final clinic setting, named center for health and optimal performance or c-hop, or referred to as outpatient. however, on a personal note, the ‘p’ word is not something I plan to utilize or continue to use once I have completed the educational requirements and boards.

I came here seeking knowledge, and after close to 2 years of being a founding partner, naming, creating the identity for, working at, and managing ‘massage bella vista,’ in philadelphia, my first baby. It was hard to leave her, and the legacy I left behind, however, I was personally and professionally at a point where I knew I needed to learn more in order to offer people more, to help them return to their optimum. I once thought I would follow in the footsteps of my mentor, in sports chiropractic, and since that time, my own experiences have led me into the tonal side of adjusting.

I’m currently looking at close to a year until completion of the program. upon completion, I will be returning to the beautiful city of brotherly love, my adopted home, philadelphia. as the completion of this academic journey comes closer into focus, I look forward to bringing the knowledge and skills that I have been focused on learning and refining in the past several years, to the neighborhoods and communities of my beautiful philly.

more updates about the journey soon…

vitalistic masters 2016 chiropractic mission trip to ensenada

There are moments in your life that you can easily look back to and know that you were in a powerful moment of transformation, this mission trip was one of those moments. A classmate recommended this particular mission trip to me at school, and I made all the necessary arrangements to travel the following month.

I was unaware of the amazing technique I was introduced to on this trip, sponsored by Dr. Sukhi Muker. When I arrived in San Diego, CA we met and awaited our transportation to Ensenada. We all piled into a mid-sized van and were escorted around Mexico by the operators of the Osha Center in Ensenada. Our small group of 10 were the first guests at the Osha Center that were not there for a meditation retreat.

During our stay in Ensenada, Dr. Sukhi led us in beginning each day on the roof of the Osho Center with full view of the sunrise with yoga, transitioning into squats, then ending with Focus In/Focus Out meditation. I enjoyed the routine so much that I incorporated it into my normal routine.

The techniques that I was introduced to on the trip were tonal techniques, meaning no force into the body or system. Tonal techniques have resonated well with me since the mission trip.

Tonal techniques are gentle interactions with the body that facilitates healing in the body without force. The technique checks spinal cord tension and identifies trapped energy in the body, and opens spinal gateways to assist the body in reorganizational healing.

The stories that I heard and the things that I experienced in Ensenada expanded my world exponentially and gave me the focus that I had been searching for at school. Dr. Muker had given us insight during the trip that it would take us some time to fully process our experiences during the mission trip.

I was a passenger in what I had originally thought was a minor collision in the Atlanta area 2 1/2 years ago. I began experiencing many odd symptoms and changes over the next 7 months, unaware of the internal effects. I was experiencing vertigo, memory loss, nausea, digestive issues, sleeping issues, anxiety, panic attacks, etc.

I knew this symptoms were not typical for me, and knew there must be a cause. In my last gross anatomy class, Head & Neck Gross Anatomy, as we were studying the cranial nerves, I identified with symptoms involving CN XIII, CN X. Typically, an MVC involves CN VIII, IX, and X.

In MOPAL (Motion and Palpation) class, my instructor, an extremities doctor, was testing C1 on me, and alerted me that there was a serious problem. I had been experiencing severe neck/shoulder pain on my left side, and low back pain for many months in addition to the other symptoms.
I had first sought out upper cervical treatment. C1 had gone inferior and rotated to the Right. My cervicals and thoracic were following C1’s lead. I was experiencing nerve compression from my cervicals rotating.

My C1 adjustment held at one point for 4 months, and my cervical lordosis returned. C2 did not return to its correct positioning, and when I experienced a traumatic loss, the cervials all returned to their original post-MVC (motor vehicle collision) state.

I next sought out orthospinology, and had a full set of digital x-rays taken. My orthospinologist notified me that C2 was the cause of my vertigo and memory loss. C1 and C2 were adjusted, and they held for at least 3 weeks before returning to their post-MVC state.

During the next quarter at school, I was being adjusted 3-4 times a week, normally both C1 and C2. The adjustments were not holding.

After Ensenada, I was manually adjusted one more time, and then I decided to cease all further osseous adjustments due to the extreme hardship on my body with all the adjustments.

Within a few weeks of the seminar after my first tonal entrainment, I noticed the vertigo had disappeared. My sympathetic reaction to tall hills and driving has been dissapating over the past few months, the digestive issues have been resolved, and as my body continues to experience reorganizational healing, my clarity and memory continue to strengthen.

Learning how to use tonal techniques has more than inspired me, it has renewed and expanded my passion towards chiropractic, and has been transforming my life as I learn how to transform the lives of others.

spinal missions chiropractic mission trip to jamaica

to my love...this was an amazing trip we took together. even though we had planned on both going on this mission trip. I know you'll be with me in spirit <3

trilisa & jordan : mystic mountain – ocho rios, jamaica – july 03, 2014

I am returning to Jamaica for the week on my first chiropractic mission trip with spinal missions. I am traveling with a group of doctors and chiropractic students. We will be working in the local community to help those who do not normally have access to chiropractic care.

This is a very special trip for me, and one that carries so many memories with jordan who passed in late july of this year, pictured to the right. We had both planned on returning to Jamaica to take our vows, and to go on this particular mission trip together.

This has been an extremely difficult year, in every aspect of my life, and I am so grateful to have made it through this year. It has truly shown me my strengths, and how many amazing and supportive people that I do have in my life. I have chosen to abandon certain unmentionable social sites to focus on my journey. As we grow, we abandon childish things, and focus our energies where they are truly needed as we mature and continue on our path.

This trip marks a new phase in my life. Surviving a painful loss of a loved one, gives you a new appreciation for life, and for the pursuit of health and well-being. I have learned so much in the past two years, from pre-DC to DC. The program at LIFE is intense and thorough, and I appreciate all of the challenges that I have faced and overcome thus far on this journey. I truly started learning when I arrived at LIFE. I look forward to continuing my second year in the DC program, and my third quarter in the masters program.

I was accepted into the masters program in June of this year for Postive Psychology, Life Coaching track. The timing of this added dual program was another blessing for me. Early into my first quarter in dual programs, I was the coachee, being coached through a very difficult grieving process. I am so grateful to have such amazing friends to take time out of their busy schedules to help get me through my most difficult times. I was immediately pleased with my decision to add the masters program to my curriculum after experiencing the true impact of life coaching.

I am finally to a place where I am ready to share my thoughts and my journey. I am grateful to be taking this trip to not only begin a new year, but a new phase in my life. Join me here as I continue my journey through chiropractic school.

I am so grateful for the amazing times that we shared. It’s comforting to know that he is always with me in spirit, watching over me.


a warm welcome to clients, old friends and new…my deepest appreciation goes out to everyone who has touched my life, shared theirs, and enriched mine.

a special thanks to three chiropractors that introduced me to the world of chiropractic, and led me into a healthier state of wellness: Dr Veronica Collings, my first chiropractor, who first opened my eyes to the holistic world of healing. Dr Larry Segal, a mentor throughout my massage career, who also started as a massage therapist, and Dr Alexander Jamieson, whom I’ve had the pleasure of working for the past 2 years, who also graduated at Life University.

thank you to my family, for always being supportive, of all of my many ventures.

this will be my main platform to update everyone on my progress throughout the next 4 years of school studying for my doctorate of chiropractic (DC) at Life University. I’ll share information as I learn and other wellness/health tips that I have learned over the years.