a warm welcome to clients, old friends and new…my deepest appreciation goes out to everyone who has touched my life, shared theirs, and enriched mine.

a special thanks to three chiropractors that introduced me to the world of chiropractic, and led me into a healthier state of wellness: Dr Veronica Collings, my first chiropractor, who first opened my eyes to the holistic world of healing. Dr Larry Segal, a mentor throughout my massage career, who also started as a massage therapist, and Dr Alexander Jamieson, whom I’ve had the pleasure of working for the past 2 years, who also graduated at Life University.

thank you to my family, for always being supportive, of all of my many ventures.

this will be my main platform to update everyone on my progress throughout the next 4 years of school studying for my doctorate of chiropractic (DC) at Life University. I’ll share information as I learn and other wellness/health tips that I have learned over the years.

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